Videonics Mixers

Numark NUVJ Video Mixer for DJs

The Numark NuVJ is a versatile DJ style video mixer designed to mix and manipulate images and video-clips during DJ sets, performances, art exhibitions, etc. DJs and VJs can trigger video clips, add effects and tweak images in real-time while blending through images using the on-board crossfader. The NuVJ connects to the USB port of Windows and Mac based computers and is an ideal performance tool for nightclubs, mobile DJs, stage performances, etc. 

Panasonic AG-MX70 Digital Audio-Video Mixer

The AG-MX70 Digital Audio-Video Mixer from Panasonic is a versatile switcher with (8) inputs that functions as a digital video effects generator and an audio mixer. This unit comes equipped with everything you need to operate a digital post-production environment. Use this unit with 25Mbps DVCPRO VTRs in a digital editing system, as a switcher in the studio, or as your main unit at live events, among many other possibilities. 

Edirol V-4 4-Channel Video Mixer

The V-4 is a 4-channel video mixer made for portable or fixed installation use. It is ideal for use in nightclubs, places of worship, theatres, and other live performances. The V-4 video mixer also has MIDI in/out/through, for realtime or sequenced control of video sources with effects and transitions.

Pioneer SVM-1000 Audio/Video Mixer

World's 1st reference audio-video mixer. 4 channels feature independent fading and equalization for traditional mixing techniques. 11" LCD touch panel display. 6 DVD, 2 phono and 2 1/4" XLR microphone. 96 kHz/24-bit digital sampling/32-bit Dig. Mixers: Pro Sound & Entertainment: DJ Components

Sima SFX-10 4 Input (2-Channel)Video Mixer - Digital Effects, Wipes, Keying

Datavideo SE-500 Live Production Switcher - 4 Input, Composite, S-Video, MIDI, NTSC, Quad Monitor Output

Video producers in educational, worship, security, corporate, small studios and clubs / pubs can now use a high quality, rugged, low cost, analog video switcher. SE-500 features include: 4 video inputs (each one is S-Video or Composite), 1 AUX audio and 2 microphone inputs, Chroma adjustment, and Digital video transitions. The real time Quad Split Preview that includes red, yellow and green markers to indicate the program, preview and other sources as well as the next selected effect. And, there is a button that will cause the preview display to show the next selected effect. The operator can use one monitor to observe all sources and the next selected video effect before broadcast. 

Datavideo SE-800AV Audio Video Mixer Switcher & Mixer, 4-input

The SE-800AV is an analog only version of the SE-800 Digital Mixer. It has all the same features as the SE-800 without the DV and SDI digital ports. The function of the SE-800AV is the same as the SE-800 but without the digital interface options. 

The Datavideo SE-800AV is a 4 input Video Mixer that includes more than 50 built-in digital effects. The SE-800AV also includes a color processor and an audio mixer. It incorporates a Dual channel time base corrector and frame synchronizer that will assure stable images for all source inputs. Its full size keypad and control panel and optional tally system port make the SE-800AV an excellent affordable solution for live studio and post-production applications.

Edirol V-8 8-channel Video Mixer

The V-8 Eight Channel Video Mixer has all the features of the V-4 but with more channels, two selectable RGB inputs, monitor outputs and additional powerful special effects. It continues the legacy of the V-4's other great features such as ease of use, high-quality digital processing of video, numerous video effects and BPM sync with music. This next generation video mixer expands your visual presentation and performance potential to new applications and dimensions.

VIDEONICS MX-1 MX1 Digital Video Switcher Great!


4-Input synchronized video switcher.

Digital synchronizer mixes video images from virtually any two sources (cameras, VCRs, live feeds, etc.).

Dual-field Time Base Correction (TBC) auto-matically corrects time base to RS-170A standard.

Professional quality video (13.5 MHz, 8-bit, 4:2:2, 4 X subcarrier oversampling). Meets FCC broadcast specifications.
Over 200 video effects,including
fade,wipes, slides, dissolve (mix), zoom, picture-in-pic-ture, picture flip, luminance and chroma key, superimpose, mosaic, strobe, picture freeze, strobe, posterization (paint), solar-ization, negative, color inverse, zoom, filter.Chroma key keys on any color.Compose 'paints' a video picture. Combines lines, rectangles, and borders in any color with still or moving frames.
Background color generator creates solid color background behind effects.Border color generator creates borders between wipes.
Mix or fade audio, with video transitions or independently

Videonics MXPro DV Digital Video Mixer MXProDV

This auction is for a Preowned Videonics MXPRODV MXPRO DV Pro Dier.


Mixer works and looks great. It has firewire inputs This auction is for a Preowned Videonics MXPRODV MXPRO DV Pro Digital Video Mixer.

Mixer works and looks great. It has firewire inputs and output and is a great mixer.

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