Pulse Pro Blue Metallic 5-Piece Drumset

Excellent bang for the buck!

The Pulse Pro 5-piece kit is an outstanding value! This kit is great for beginning level drummers who are looking for a good kit to rock out with a limited budget.

Pulse Pro 5-Piece Shell Pack Features:

  • 22" x 16" bass drum
  • 12" x 10" and 13" x 11" toms
  • 16" x 16" floor tom
  • 5-1/2" x 14" steel snare Cymbals and hardware sold separately

Gretsch Drums CC-J484 Catalina Club Jazz 4pc Drum Set

The Gretsch Catalina Jazz set is designed for the player who is looking for a versatile 4-piece set with quality features. Featuring Mahogany shells and 30-degree bearing edges, this set projects a warm, round, classic tone. The traditional Be Bop sizes with 18" bass drum makes it a fine gigging jazz kit but the Club Jazz can also play comfortably in other music styles, especially if you need to lay into a kit in a smaller live venue, plus its distinctive retro looks are sure to capture attention. Whether you're looking for a classic jazz kit or small kit for gigs/rehearsals, the Catalina Club Jazz kit projects a retro sound, vibe and spirit that will keep you deeply grooving.

Includes Gibraltar 4600 Series Hardware! Hi-hat stand, snare stand, bass drum pedal, straight cymbal stand, and boom cymbal stand.

Cymbals not included.

  • Bass drums include maple bass hoops and pre-muffled heads for a great sound right out of the box
  • The Catalina Club Jazz all-Mahogany shells have 30-degree bearing edges that project a classic warm and round tonality
  • Fully adjustable tom holders with GTS suspension systems are standard on all mounted toms
  • All Catalina Jazz shell packs include a wood shell snare drum with side throw-off in the matching finish.

Roland HD-1 V-Drums Lite

The HD-1 all-in-one electronic drum kit from Roland offers terrific ease-of-use and great sound in a compact and affordable package. Based on the same technology as Roland's larger V-Drums kits, the HD-1 offers great sound quality and a variety of sounds, perfect for use at home, in schools, or in a studio.

Specially designed kick beaters, tom heads, snare pads, and cymbals provide quiet operation, and a headphone jack provides private listening so you can rock out without disturbing those around you. An input connector lets you connect a CD player, MP3 player, or similar device so you can play along with your favorite bands.

• Stylish and compact all-in-one electronic drum kit

• Quick and easy setup

• Specially designed for quiet playing

• Audio input for connecting your CD or MP3 player. Adjust the balance of your own drumming with the music input

• Listen privately through headphones, or play through an amplifier

• Great for beginning drummers at home, in school, or in a studio

Simmons SD5K Electronic Drum Kit

modest investment!

The SD5K Electronic drum kit has sensitive drum pads made of a durable, yet highly responsive, material that accurately captures every hit. All pads have adjustable rack placement and angle adjustments for unlimited customization to your playing style. This includes two cymbal pads and one hi-hat pad which have height and angle adjustments for a convenient, custom-tailored fit.

Simmons SD5K Electronic Drum Set Features:

    • Ins/outs and pad connections
    • MIDI out
    • Hi-hat controller
    • Hi-Hat pad
    • Crash cymbal pad
    • Ride cymbal pad
    • Snare drum pad
    • Tom 1 drum pad
    • Tom 2 drum pad
    • Tom 3 drum pad
    • Kick drum pad
    • Line output (R & L/mono)
    • Aux In (stereo TRS)
    • Stereo headphones output
    • Package includes
    • Drum key
    • Drum sticks (1 pair)
    • 9V DC adapter
    • User manual
    • Assembly instructions
    • All connection cables
    • Bass drum pedal not included



      Alesis DM5 Electronic Drum Kit



The DM5 Pro Kit with Surge Cymbals from Alesis is an affordable, professional-quality electronic drum kit that offers terrific ease of use, portability, and sound selection. The heart of the kit is the DM5 module, which contains 540 different sounds and 21 programmable drum kits in true stereo, as well as ambient effects, in a single rack space unit.

The kit also includes five drum pads; a snare, kick, and three toms, along with three Surge cymbals; ride, crash, and hi-hat. The Dynamic Articulation feature allows the drum sounds to change volume, tone, and pitch depending on how hard the pads are hit. A Random Sample feature adds variation to the sound of a drum as it's played to give you a more realistic, less static sound.

All of the sounds of the DM5 kit have been recorded at 48kHz, higher than CD-quality, to give your performance the great detail and realism you need. All of the hardware is professional-quality, with real drum shells, and firm grip hardware mounts. All of the necessary interconnect cables are included to get you up and running quickly.

Note! Kick pedal is not included.

• Professional-quality electronic drum kit

• Great portability and easy setup

• Great for live shows or studio recording

• DM5 module provides 540 sounds and 21 programmable drum kits, as well as ambient effects

• Audio samples are recorded at 48kHz in true stereo for terrific quality

• Five velocity-sensitive drum pad use Mylar drum heads on real drum shells with coated triple-flanged counter hoops for real feel

• Surge Cymbals are made from brass-alloy with a clear layer of sound dampening material for the ultimate in feel and looks

• Dynamic Articulation feature changes the tone, volume, and pitch of sounds depending on how hard a pad is hit

• Random Sample feature varies the sound of a drum as it's played for a more realistic performance

• Ultra-fast trigger-to-MIDI converter with 12 trigger inputs and five programmable parameters for each trigger

• MIDI in, out, and thru connectors

• Headphone jack with volume control for private playing sessions

• Pedal input jack allows you to connect a pedal for hi-hat mode or program advance mode

• All required interconnect cables are provided

Just tell us the exact product you want ,we give you the price at low cost

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